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Best Cake Recipes - Carrot Cake

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Carrot Cake Recipe

In over 3 decades of baking, I have tried and tested many carrot cakes, and finally came up with this flop proof and fabulous one which I gladly share with all my Creative Cakes regular customers and first time visitors. This recipe took a while to perfect but was more than worth the effort! This is my personal recipe, and has been quoted by many people to be the the best carrot cake ever! This cake is suited for both microwaves and regular ovens alike. Another benefit is that this cake stays fresh for days. Another advantage is that it is not oily on the palate like so many other carrot cakes. The frosting is light and fluffy and despite the cream cheese content, the frosting does not separate or run and once applied to the cake it sets like a regular frosting.


Sponge Caramel Layer Cake Recipe

This cake is tasty and light despite the fact that it is baking powder free. As you can see below, one of my clients sent me this e-mail:

"Hi Carol, I have just made your Caramel layer cake, must say was a bit skeptical about no baking powder but it turned out absolutely delicious!!... I often look at your web site and am amazed by your works of art." Pam Brash, Lutzville


Vanilla Sponge Cake

I often get asked for a reliable recipe for a light sponge cake. When I do, this one always springs to mind. It can be iced (frosted) or left plain as in the picture, with just a sprinkling of caster sugar over the top. The layers can be sandwiched together with jam (jelly), caramel, chocolate mousse, butter or cream cheese frosting.


Strawberry Cheesecake

For something light, tangy and cream cheesy but without being rich, this has to be the perfect choice for a chilled cheese cake. The strawberries can be exchanged for any other fruit such as apricots, peach or pear slices, granadilla, kiwi, mandarin orange segments, pineapple rings to name a few. Berries such as cherries, youngberries, mulberries gooseberries and raspberries are also good choices.


Baked Cheesecake

There is nothing to beat a real home baked cheese cake. The texture, flavor and smoothness on the palate is indescribable at times but oh so yummy. A rich chocolate sauce can be used as a decadent alternative to the fresh fruit, and chocolate digestive biscuits can add an interesting touch if replacing the original choice.


Banana Bread

I don't know how many people despair when it comes to making banana bread. I am sure we could feed the masses if we had to collect all the "flopped" banana loaves that people throw away daily. Why are banana loaves so stodgy, sticky or seemingly uncooked? Relax, the recipe for this one is just what you have been waiting for. It is simple to make, rises well, is light, tasty and not at all gummy!!! Chopped walnuts or pecans or even hazelnuts can be added (about half a cup) this will turn this banana bread into a luxurious loaf!


Frozen Chocolate Mousse

A great alternative to chocolate ice cream, so smooth, light and unbelievably fluffy and delectable! Can also be used for a filling for a chocolate cake. Just allow it to set in one of your chocolate cake pans (the same size as the cake you wish to fill) Allow it to set, then dip the pan into some warm water for a few seconds to dislodge the mousse and lower gently onto the bottom cake layer and carefully sandwich together with a little cream if you like.....mmmmmmm.


Homemade Ice Cream

This is simple yet very few people bother to make homemade ice cream these days. After having tried this recipe I am sure it going to soon become one of your most favorite dessert recipes of all time! Served with fruits in season, fill chocolate éclairs, or alone in a wafer cone or dessert flute, homemade ice cream is always a hit.


Milk Tart

Like pumpkin pie is to America, milk tart is to South Africa. So come on all you people out there, let me challenge you to try a real traditional South African favorite and I can guarantee you that very soon the Milk Tart (or "melktert") as it is known in Afrikaans, will become one of your favorite recipes of all time, and that is a promise!


Post Toastie Tart Recipe

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Gâteau au chocolat fondant de Nathalie

"At one stage I found a recipe in a magazine for chocolate fondant desert. It originated from a chef working in a french castle. I tried it and it was so utterly delicious that I made it too often and started to gain weight! So I simply hid the recipe for myself....just to be looking for it frantically just a few weeks later! I searched the web high and low for a similar recipe and found this recipe, which is my very very best chocolate desert recipe. Because of your passion for food, and your nice website - the friendliest website that I have come across so far, I'll share it with you."


Christine Engelbrecht, South Africa


Thank you Christine, we love this one!!!


We will be adding more recipes from time to time, so keep checking this page! If you have any questions about the instructions of these recipes or want to add one of your own delicious recipes to this list, please send us an email!


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